Who would think that origami can be this fun and therapeutic? I certainly enjoyed the workshop and I really like that what we made can be used in everyday life.

Elisse Zeng

I bought some origami paper when i lived in Singapore but never used them. Trying alone is not easy. I really enjoyed the workshop with Hazuki. It’s amazing what she does and how a piece of paper could become a masterpiece. That makes you want to learn this great art. Hazuki is also very sweet and very patient. Doing a workshop with her is a lot of fun and pleasure.

Karyne Durand

Hazuki, thanks for such wonderful class! You are a great teacher. You have a a lot of patience and showing us each step carefully. I wish there could be more time so I can learn more techniques from you. Thank you very much.

Kitty Huang

Thank you so much for  teaching us the how-to’s,  you were a great teacher and ever so patient which I very much appreciated! I thought this class would be a one-off but now I feel like I want to take more.

Lu Lunau