Make life cheerful through origami

About Hazuki

Welcome to Everyday Origami’s website! My name is Hazuki, I was born and raised  in Japan. I lived in Vancouver for my study and relocated in Hamburg Germany in 2015.

I’m mother to two children and origami instructor based in Lindau Germany(am Bodensee) since 2019. I started folding origami when I was 3 years old. In June 2015, I founded Everyday Origami in Hamburg Germany to spread positiveness and happiness through the Japanese paper folding art and organizing several workshops for all ages in Germany and Japan.

My first contact to origami

When I was 3 years old, my mother introduced me Origami. She created a crane, I was impressed by how a flat sheet of paper is being transformed into a master piece on her own hands. Since then, I became captivated by the paper folding art.

I really loved creating something beautiful with my own hands. I sometimes held spontaneous workshops in the park to teach other kids origami and gave my loved ones the handcrafted gifts. It made them so happy, and their smile made me feel so rewarded. I loved sharing the positivity and happiness origami gave me with others.

Unfortunately as I grew older life passed by and I forgot about my passion for origami, then I’ve forgotten my great passion – origami.

Origami gave me a hope in the darkness

After living my international busy life, I moved to Hamburg Germany with my German husband in 2015. I was 8 months pregnant. It was a very challenging time for me.

I moved to a country where I had no friends and family close to me. I was unable to speak the local language. and gave birth to my first baby without the support of my family.

After the birth, I was quite depressed for a while, felt helpless and lonely. As I couldn’t speak the language, it was hard even managing the daily life, shopping at supermarkets, attending doctor appointments, taking public transport with my baby were a daily challenge.

I cried everyday with her at my bare apartment and asked my self “What am I doing here?”.I felt like I’m in the tunnel where I don’t see any light and exit, what I only knew is I have to keep walking until I find a way to exit.

Then one day, accidentally I came across a moving box and found old origami. I took some paper and folded a crane, which my mother created for me in the past, then I showed the sculpture to my daughter.She smiled and I couldn’t be happier to see her beautiful smile.

In that moment, I saw a small light in the tunnel and rediscovered my old passion of origami. Creating beautiful things gave me strength and made me feel confident. I started to create decoration and toys for the baby room to make my daughter and my self happy. It has become my little project.

After my daughter made me rediscover my old passion of origami, I founded Everyday Origami. I started to organize origami workshops for all ages at libraries, schools, birthday parties, private lessons  and exhibiting cultural events in Germany and Japan.

My mother passed away 7 years ago, but origami always reminds me of her love and her passion, without that I wouldn’t have been able to find my self again. She handed me down more than the paper folding art. She handed down a life of passion that I want to pass down to my daughter and the next generation.